Collier County, Florida

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Each year New Life church takes a mission trip to help those in need. This year seventeen friends will head down to Collier County, Florida to help hurricane victims devastated by the 2017 Hurricane Irma. To put Irma in perspective, FEMA registrations for assistance topped 2.6 million Floridians. The team will be focusing on two homes while they are down there.  Jobs will include putting up insulation and paneling, all new flooring and cabinets, as well as new bathrooms and kitchen. There will also be a number of smaller jobs like cabinets and trim that will be on-going during the week. Through your generous offering during Easter, two tool trucks have been fully equipped with items needed by all the mission teams that serve in Collier County.  This will make life easier for the New Life team as they work on the two homes. Please pray for the safety and endurance of the team while they serve to make a difference in Collier County.