Day Four - Work Continues

Our two teams continued their work today at their locations. The heat and humidity continue to try and slow things down but we try to stay hydrated and focus on completing our tasks. Much progress was made on both homes today! It was great to see the fruits of our labor and to know we have made a difference. Tomorrow, both teams finish up little tasks at their original locations and then begin work at new homes. 

There are two gifts of hospitality at the end of the work day that go beyond words - a snack and a shower. Some awesome members of the church have opened their homes each day to smelly, stinky and dirty strangers to take a shower. It may seem like such a small gesture, but we we are deeply appreciative because it is so refreshing! The other treat happens right before that. Just when we are dragging in from the work site with our reserves running on fumes, we are blessed by two of our teammates who have stayed back to prepare not only a snack but a dinner that smells amazing! We have certainly eaten well and been abundantly fueled for the day’s activities!

We have a devotional that the team is working through each day. In the evening, we gather as a team to share highs and lows as well as where we see God in our day. The team is memorizing Hebrews 13:16- “And do not forget to do good and to share with others, for with such sacrifices God is please.” This verse helps us when the work is hard and the heat is strong. It helps us to remember why we are in Florida; to serve and make a difference in Christ’s name. We look forward to what God has for us tomorrow!

Nightly Devotions

Chokoloskee Team

Goodland Team