Day Three - The Work Begins

Today we began our work here in Florida. Our team is divided into two groups to complete different projects. One group worked in Goodland and the other in Chokoloskee. 

The Chokoloskee team worked on a trailer that had water damage in their ceiling and part of their flooring. The team got to meet the family we were serving as they are still living in the home during construction. Part of our job today was to take down the ceiling tiles and insulation. We also had to pull up damaged flooring. This was followed by adding new insulation into the ceiling. We also started working on the soffits around the house to ensure that water would not get back into the house. We anticipate finishing this task tomorrow. We wanted to work quickly to get this done for the family as the father of the home is very ill. Our team worked very well together even though the Florida humidity is no joke. We were able to manage many smiles and laughter as we worked throughout the day. 

The Goodland team worked to remove the flooring in a trailer and then began to reinforce the substructure of the trailer as well as hung insulation and installed some subfloor. Many from this team got to a use nail gun, staple gun and reciprocating saw for the first time! Under close supervision of course! We were unable to meet the elderly owners of the home as they are in Michigan with family until their home can become livable. We all dragged home extremely hot, achy and tired, but with an deep rewarding feeling that our efforts are making a big difference!

Chokoloskee Team

Goodland Team