Day Two - Sunday is Fun Day

Sunday Is Fun Day

When New Life goes on a mission trip we always have a fun day to explore the area and the culture. Today, the team explored Everglades City and Marco Island! We started with a mangrove airboat tour at Captain Jack’s. It was AMAZING! We saw a 10 foot crocodile during our tour. How amazing it was to  learn about this intricate ecosystem and how it all works together. God is a great creator! After the tour, we explored the animal sanctuary. We saw alligators that were 65 years old and met Charlie, a 30 year old alligator who taught us a ton about their species. A fabulous lunch was enjoyed on the water at Marco Island. Then some of the team rested and some enjoyed the beach. This was a great bonding day for our team. Tomorrow the hard work begins, but we can’t wait to help make a difference for those that are still without a home due to Hurricane Irma. It is very hot and humid in Florida, so please pray for our safety, patience with our work and each other, and the homeowners we are helping!