Life Group…  It’s a pretty cool concept.

Dear New Life Friends,

Life Group… 

It’s a pretty cool concept. Not new by any means, but maybe that’s the best thing about it.

Life Group - A group with whom you do life. A group that brings you life. A group where you experience life. 

Life Group - Life journeyed through with a group. Life found within a group. Life experienced and interpreted by a group.

Who do you do life with? Anyone besides your immediate family? Anyone except your immediate family?

Who are your people, your peeps, your posse, your tribe?

I’m convinced… Life is best experienced with a group and a group is the best way to experience life.

It may be a little direct, but to journey through life alone is either foolish or arrogant. Maybe I should soften it and say unwise or overconfident. Either way, that's not what most of us are aiming for, but often times unintentionally fall into. To journey through life alone is to be left alone with your own interpretation of life, which can easily be a misinterpretation. To journey through life alone is to be isolated in times of danger or celebration, which is not a condition any of us strive for but can easily find ourselves in. 

Jesus set the model for us when he called together 12 guys to hang out with for 3 years. Jesus taught them about God and how to live for God. They leaned on each other and learned from each other. They literally went through storms together and experienced awe and wonder together.

They were a group that pursued truth together and together challenged each other to live the truth. They were a group that both loved and looked out for each other. A group that supported and strengthened one another. A group that experienced the ups and downs of life together. A group that stuck together through thick and thin. 

Why would we think there is a better way to journey through life than the example laid out for us by the Author and Master of Life?

So, who are you doing life with? Is your “group" challenging you to a God honoring life? Are they caring for you and supporting you? Are you there for them in bad times or speaking truth into their lives?

I’m inviting you to experience life in a group. Are there personalities? Yes. Are there ups and downs? Yes. Are there times when you will need to be there for others? Yes. Are there times when others will pray for you? Yes. Will it be messy like life? Yes. Will there be exponential joy? Yes.

Life Group - if you’re not already connected, you can get connected here -

At the beginning of this new year, if you are feeling overworked, overburdened, or overbusy - we are going to talk about how to simplify our lives. I pray you will join us as we journey through life - together.

Blessings in Christ,

Pastor Mike