The gift of a smile...

The gift of a smile...

There is no question that I've grown more than I’ve given over the past 10 years by participating in the homeless ministry at New Life.

In 2009, I read the book Same Kind of Different as Me (recently made into a movie), which had a profound impact on me and my perception of “me vs them”.

I’ve had countless conversations with our guests around a meal that other members of the church provided that reminded me that the only thing separating me from the person on the other side of the table is a single decision or an unfortunate situation. 

It’s generated in me an appreciation of the roof I have over my head, the heat that keeps me warm and the clothes I have to choose from in my closet.

I’m sure I’ll learn an entirely new set of lessons this year as we host families.

But perhaps the biggest gift I’ve ever received over the years has been through a smile.

- a smile when they’ve gotten off the bus after a long, cold day and walked into a warm building

- a smile when we tell them we installed a hot water on demand system at the church just for them

- a smile when they’ve snuck into the Wednesday night worship practice and listened to a few songs

That’s why I’m so glad we are hosting a Night of Worship this Friday while our guests are with us. It will be an extended evening of music and a brief message (yes, I know, a modern day miracle).

I hope that you will come to catch the gift of a smile. 

I hope you will come to offer the gift of a smile. 

Sometimes we get concerned that we won’t know what to say, but we all have a smile we can share. I hope we are able to have a strong representation of New Lifers so that our guests feel welcome and part of the body of Christ.

I hope that you experience what I have over the past several years - that you will grow more than you are able to give.

Smiling at you,

Pastor Mike