Imagine a life of simplicity…

Dear New Life Friends,

Imagine a life of simplicity…

Which people come to mind when you think of simplicity? What homes have you seen that exemplify simplicity? What attitudes seem to characterize simplicity?

What would simplicity look like for you?

Would it mean fewer things in the closet, on the counter and in the garage or attic?

Would it mean fewer demands on the calendar, activities to attend or things you say “yes” to?

Would it mean streamlining your finances, eating patterns or use of technology?

Would it mean a change in relationships, work or home?

When we consider a life of simplicity, it causes us to evaluate what is most important. If we can identify what is necessary then what is unnecessary becomes clear. 

Then the challenge begins… Letting go of all the things we thought we couldn’t live without that now clutter our lives.

Actually following through on the desire to live simply becomes easier when we come to terms with "why”. Why we do what we do, why we attend what we attend, why we spend what we spend, why we say what we say, and so on.

As we begin this new year, I invite you to join us in worship this Sunday for Vision Sunday and the following four Sundays for a new sermon series. During these times together I plan to share what I believe is God’s plan for us as we move into a new year and new season of life as individuals, families and a church.

I’ll give you a small hint… it has to do with simplicity.

Blessings in Christ,

Pastor Mike