Can you confirm what you believe to be true?

Dear New Life Friends,

Can you confirm what you believe to be true?

Many of you may know that we have a group of teens walking through a process called Confirmation.

Essentially, it’s a chance for students to explore what it means to be a follower of Jesus and decide for themselves if it is something they want to pursue. 

When we are young, parents and guardians often make decisions with our best interests in mind. They make decisions concerning what we will eat, what we will wear, where we will live, sometimes the school we attend, the friends we play with and whether or not we will grow up with a church family.

As we hit our teen years, we start to make more decisions for ourselves. Not only do we make decisions about our physical health, like what we will eat, what we will wear and when we will go to bed, but we also make spiritual decisions for ourselves as well. This is why Confirmation is so important.

During Confirmation, some of these particular students are learning things about God and His church for the first time. Others are exploring the deeper meaning of what they knew superficially for years. Still others are examining their deeply held beliefs and deciding to make a clear declaration that it is their own belief and not just one that may have been passed along to them by those who love them and have worked to help them have a solid foundation.

Confirmation can be an exciting process full of adventure. It can also be a little unsettling as each person examines where they will plant their next footstep.

So, pray for them.

Pray that they may be like sponges, soaking up spiritual truths. Pray that they will experience the presence of God in a whole new way by the power of the Holy Spirit. Pray that they will be inspired and encouraged by mentors, friends and parents who share their own faith journey. Pray that they will commit themselves to follow Jesus the rest of their days.

As they journey through this process of confirmation, consider what you believe to be true. Come March 25th, when many choose for themselves to follow Christ and join His church. You may want to confirm what you believe to be true as well!

Blessings in Christ,

Pastor Mike