The only thing better than watching a parade is being in the parade!

Dear New Life Friends,

The only thing better than watching a parade is being in the parade!

I have fond memories growing up of making our way downtown to watch parades. It was always challenging to find a parking spot and walk for what seemed like forever with a heavy chair to what we hoped would be a strategic viewing spot, but the effort was always well worth it once we were in place, snuggled under blankets and sipping our hot chocolate!

I loved watching the cars, the floats, the bands, the clowns (they were less scary then), the lawnmower brigade and of course all the awesome candy that was thrown out! Two weeks ago I was at a High School Homecoming Parade and after finding some friends unexpectedly, cheering on those passing by and even snagging a piece of candy or two, I realized how much I still like parades! There’s such a sense of excitement that’s absolutely contagious!

There are two ways to experience a parade -  you can either watch the parade or be in the parade.

It might be the influence of that great 80’s movie Ferris Beuller’s Day Off, but I admit there’s a secret part of me that has always wanted to be in a parade. My first chance was through High School marching band. Another chance came several years ago when our church walked in the Midlothian Day Parade. 

This year on Saturday, October 21, we have an awesome opportunity for the church to leave the building and BE IN the Midlothian Day Parade! In fact, I’m thrilled to have been asked to “kick off” the parade with prayer!

I hope you will join me in helping create some of that "parade excitement" for others! We’re building a massive 12 foot float and will be pumping great music out the back and tossing out candy! I don’t want to spoil the surprise, but our float has to do with our 20th Birthday that we are celebrating this year!

We’re going to meet that morning at the Capital Ale House at 8:30am to get ready for the parade that begins at 9am. I’d love for as many New Lifers as possible to join walking those several blocks IN THE PARADE! There is more information available and an opportunity to order one of our 20th Birthday shirts that we’ll all be wearing here - 

I hope you’ll join me in letting our community know how awesome New Life is by walking IN THE PARADE! 


Still growing up,

Pastor Mike