It’s going to get better…

Dear New Life Friends,

It’s going to get better…

They all might not have needed to hear that, but I thought it might be one of the most hopeful things I could say.

I was standing in front of more than 20 moms who were present for their first MOPs (Mothers of Preschoolers) meeting of the season. I had watched them come through the front doors leading a toddler in one hand and lugging a baby carrier in the other. I had just come from looking in on their precious little ones who filled not one, not two, but three rooms! I had just finished speaking to all of the volunteers helping make it happen. I had just thought “What a ministry!"


In that moment, standing in front of moms, I was quickly carried back to when my wife was  part of a similar program when our kids were that age. I was remembering what an effort it was for her to get everyone together and try to be on time with some sense of composure. I was also remembering what an impact the group she met with had on her week after week.


So I decided to share several short sentences that I hoped would stick:

  • It’s going to get better.
  • There will be a day when you get more sleep.
  • There will be a day when you get to just say, “Go take a bath, please.”
  • There will be a day when you have a moment to yourself.
  • This is just a tough season. 
  • There’s a reason you are tired.
  • Every Monday thatyou are supposed to meet there will be many obstacles to getting yourself and your kids here.
  • Every Monday you make it here, you will be glad you came.
  • You will leave more peaceful, supported and hopeful than when you arrived.
  • Breathe with me.
  • It’s going to get better.

I felt a little like a spiritual cheerleader in the pep rally of life. (Maybe I should put that on a business card or tell that to the person who asks “What do you do for a living?") As I kept speaking, I watched some of the expressions change from concern, to relief, to hope and heads began to nod in agreement.Yet, this is not just a word for moms. 

This is a word of truth for us all. 

We choose whether or not to go through life’s ups and downs with God and others. 

Isolation will often lead us to frustration, discouragement and disappointment. Togetherness will often lead us to inspiration, encouragement and confidence.

If we choose to lean on God and others, it’s going to get better.

Maybe you don't need to hear those words of hope today, but there’s probably someone right around you that may need to hear that encouragement.

So, don’t keep hope to yourself. Tell someone “It’s going to get better.”


Cheering you on in Christ,

Pastor Mike