Day 6: Back to Work!

All 20 (including our new friends) of us were back to the worksite today and it was tough. Lots and lots of dirt, rocks, and concrete. Everyone were such hard workers. Every time I looked around, not a soul were sitting still. Everyone was diligently working so hard and we are seeing such progress. What started as a dirt floor, is now almost ⅔ finished concrete. 2 enormous dirt piles are almost flat and a trench has been hand dug halfway around the building. 
Before lunch, we were able to tour a local coffee farm and learn how the coffee growing and roasting process was performed. We even got to taste the beans (all we needed was some chocolate to dip them in). In addition to coffee plants, we saw tons of different fruit trees and avocado trees. 
We are looking forward to one last day tomorrow to see just how far we can get before we come home. We are most looking forward to a GOOD night sleep tonight to replenish and fuel us for tomorrow.


A few fun pictures from our Adventure

Our Alarm Clock

The famous Panaderia (delicious fresh bakery treats at the top of the hill

Our Cabin

The hill we walk everyday to get food and Wifi



View from the Boat

Crocodile Bridge (lots and lots of crocodiles

View from bus on way to worksite

Youth playing cards

Inside sleeping cabin