Day 5: Los Guidos

The team went to Los Guidos in the city of Los Desemperados today.  We worked in the precarios which is a fancy name for the slums.  We were able to play with about 40 children of all ages.  We colored, bounced light up balls, played with "snow", and jumped lots and lots of rope. Again, no need to speak Spanish, just have the willingness to laugh, smile, and be silly and it was amazing!  The children were gracious and kind and thankful for our acts of kindness which might seem so insignificant to some.  After playing, we served them chicken, rice, and chips for lunch.  Of course the chips were the biggest hit.  Mos chips (more chips) was a phrase we heard A LOT; second only to Gracias.  

We have met another mother and daughter team, Lisa and Megan, who have joined with us.  Lisa brought a Polaroid camera to take pictures and she was a hit.  Maybe even more than the chips.  After feeding the children, we went shopping and returned back to the camp.  Dinner and devotion will finish up the night and it will be back to the work site tomorrow.  Our hearts are full with all that we saw today and how God worked through us and we will rest well tonight to fuel us for more CONCRETE tomorrow.