Day 7: Final Day in Costa Rica

Today was our last day here in beautiful sunny Costa Rica (well it is the rainy season but we did see a lot of sun). We had one last day to be at the worksite and we made some serious progress. Much concrete was laid and lots of area was hand graded. We are all so excited to see the finished product in 2018. 
After work (and of course one more stop at the Panaderia) our youth went and played a pick up game of soccer with several locals. 

We were able to finish the night with a community dinner where Charlie Strong (founder of Strong Missions) invited many people from the local community who have been integral in making Strong Missions successful. We enjoy wonderful food and conversation with everyone. 

Tomorrow, we head stateside with a WONDERFULLY normal wake up time of 7am and should be back in Baltimore by 7pm. Thank you to all who prayed for us, sent letters, thought about us, and took care of the home front so the 18 of us could home here and do what God had called us to do.