Dear New Life Friends,


One of the most helpful tools for life I believe I was given as a young man to carry into adulthood was the encouragement to consider perspective.

As a psychology major at James Madison University, one of the required classes went by the title Perspectives. During that class we looked at pictures such as the moon appearing extremely large even though we know the moon never changes size, railroad tracks that seemed to come together even though they always run parallel and dots on a page that were supposed to reveal magic numbers (that’s when I learned I’m partially color blind).

Part of the point of the class was to learn what is happening physiologically in the brain as we take in images through our eyes and other senses to gain perspective on the world around us, what we do with that information and how we start to “create” the world as we individually know it. Then we also learned about how others could perceive the same things either differently or in the same way.

Perspective can change everything about how we experience the world around us.

In business, when problems arise, the encouragement is often to “get up on the porch” to gain a different perspective on the matter at hand. By positioning ourselves in the most objective position as possible, seeing things from different angles and considering different viewpoints, creates a deeper appreciation of reality and a way forward often presents itself. 

Night of Redemption on Good Friday, March 30 is a perspective setting opportunity. 

We have a chance to take a break from the rush of life all around us to consider the significance of the cross. What is the perspective of the disciples, religious leaders and Roman guards on the ground? What is the perspective of Jesus while hanging on the cross? What is the perspective of the thief going through the execution with him?

Let’s make sure we don’t run from celebration to celebration without considering the importance of the cross in between. It changed everything for ever. Perhaps by by pausing for reflection we will gain perspective that will change us forever.

Blessings in Christ,

Pastor Mike