Food and Fun...

Dear New Life Friends,

Food and fun…

As a youngest child, I love to play.

I love to play games of all kinds. It doesn’t matter whether it’s board games with the family, sporting games with the team, puzzle games alone or games with the general public at a festival.

I love to watch people play games. I love to see their eyes light up, the laughter start to roll out and even a little competition step up.

The only thing that makes games better is food. Food before the games. Food after the games. Food perhaps even during the games! Finger foods or the type that enables “grazing” of course is the best so you can eat a little, game a little, eat a little, talk a little.

When I read through the life of Jesus, I think of him as the most joyous person who ever lived. After all, he had the most to be joyous about! As the Author of Life, he must have loved bringing life to those around him and knowing that after the resurrection that new life would be available to the world!

I believe Jesus loved to be with children and see things through their eyes. I think he played hop scotch, gave piggy back rides and twirled them around on their arms like an airplane.

I also believe Jesus enjoyed food. It seems like every where you turn, he was joining someone at their home for a meal, cooking fish by the sea side or breaking bread and saying things like “every time you do this remember me."

This is part of why I love to see people get together for food and fun. Good things happen when we gather around Jesus with food and fun.

Food and fun is certainly something you can coordinate on a regular basis with your friends and hopefully daily with your family. So, it brings me joy that on Saturday, March 24 at 6pm the New Life family and friends will join to gather for Pot Luck and Play

I must admit that I’ve never walked away from a pot luck hungry! So many good things to eat when everyone brings just a little bit to share. Talk about a spread of the best of the best! And the play part… well, games and egg hunt sound fun to me!

I hope you’ll be able to participate in this opportunity of food and fun. If you’re not, then I hope you will create a little of your own.

After all, Jesus is the one we thank for the food and the one who wired us to enjoy playing!

Blessings in Christ,

Pastor Mike