Dear New Life Friends,


That’s a word we can all relate to in our high demand, immediate gratification society!

When do you want your fries and shake? - NOW!

When do you want the order shipped to your house? - NOW!

When do you want a response to your email? - NOW!

When do you want to know what’s happening? - NOW!

When do you want it? - NOW!

It doesn’t matter whether it is the results to a test, a TV show, or a package. We want it... NOW!

In a world that seems to want everything delivered “on demand,” I wonder if we’ve considered the incredible blessing of God on demand?

I’m not suggesting that we make demands on the maker and master of the universe. I am however suggesting that we consider the amazing availability of God. We can talk to the Almighty, All-knowing, All-good God anytime, anywhere about anything! And better than that, God loves it! Every minute of it!

We might think that God doesn’t have time for us or care about what’s going on with us, but the reality is that God longs for this relationship more than anything in the world!

Do you know when God would like to speak with you? - NOW!

Do you know when God would like to listen to you? - NOW!

Do you know when God would like to reveal his purpose for you? - NOW!

Do you know when God would like to offer his power to strengthen you? - NOW!

Do you know when God would like to be present with you? - NOW!

Often the reality is is that we are not available to God.

NOW - Night of Worship, like the one on - is an opportunity to be available to God.

Imagine an opportunity to take a breath from your busy schedule. 

Imagine spending an unhurried hour with God.

Imagine an opportunity to hear the voice of God.

Imagine an opportunity to grow closer to God.

Imagine putting on your calendar “Date with God”. 

Now, imagine putting Friday, October 6 at 7:30pm on your calendar - NOW!

Night of Worship is an opportunity to enjoy the music we sing every week, hear a brief devotional to lift your spirit and help a friendship grow a little deeper.

I hope you will make plans to attend.

I think that afterwards you’ll say, “Now, that NOW was a good idea!”


Blessings in Christ,

Pastor Mike