So, what's your story?

Dear New Life Friends,

So, what’s your story?

I don’t mean why you’re late,

Why you may be grumpy today,

or even the reason behind why the cat’s got your tongue…

What I mean is… How has God been active in your life?

  • Has God rescued you or healed you?
  • Has God provided for you or protected you?
  • Has God offered forgiveness, grace or mercy in a big way?
  • Has God comforted and consoled you or filled you with joy?
  • Has God given you perseverance and determination?
  • Has God guided you or given you purpose?
  • Has God filled you with strength, power and courage?

And not even just a matter of the past, how is God currently active in your life?

  • Is God teaching you to be more patient or loving?
  • Is God revealing to you how to heal a broken relationship?
  • Is God convicting you to express greater kindness?
  • Is God encouraging you to be more prayerful
  • Is God challenging you to think of others more than yourself?
  • Is God convincing you of the truth?
  • Is God giving you a greater appreciation for the Bible?

What has God done and what is God doing in your life?

The question isn’t “Is God alive and well?" The question is “Are you aware of God’s activity in your life?"

If so, then share it in the comments below! 

If not, then look for it!

The mission of New Life Church is to transform lives through Jesus Christ. Sometimes it is the lives of others that are being changed. Sometimes it is our own lives that are being changed.

Sharing our stories - whether dramatic or seemingly minor - celebrates that God is alive and well!

So, what’s your story?

Share it below in the comments - so we can all be blessed, encourage and inspired!

I look forward to hearing, reading and celebrating God’s activity in your life!



Pastor Mike