Followers of Jesus ought to be the champions of fun… 

Dear New Life Friends,

Followers of Jesus ought to be the champions of fun… 

...because we have the most reasons!

After all, we worship the God of Love, the God of Joy and the God of the Resurrection! God is the giver of life and can refresh, renew and revive!

I’ve shared before, but I’m proud of it, so it’s worth sharing again… At one point I was a card carrying member of the Fellowship of Merry Christians. Every month I would get newsletters like this one - It was a reminder not to take myself or life too seriously. 

You may also know that hanging in my office are my favorite pictures of Jesus - laughing and playing with children!

That’s why I’m excited about our Pot Luck & Play on Thursday, May 11 at 5:30pm. (I’ll admit now that I will miss it, because I’ll be celebrating my anniversary. However, if I were in town, I’d love to attend. I mean, who doesn’t like to eat and play?! 

The best part is that the evening becomes whatever the people who come make it to be. There’s no major build up or preparation. It’s a time of food, games and relaxation. So, don’t come looking for fun - come bringing the fun!

The mission New Life Family Ministries is to provide families with opportunities to connect with Jesus, each other and our community through intentional discipleship, mission and relationship-building activities. Sometimes we do that in larger formal gatherings. Sometimes we do that in smaller informal gatherings. Sometimes it’s just good to have occasions where we simply enjoy each other’s company.

So, who’s invited? EVERYONE!

I guess the real question is… Do you like to eat? Do you like games? Do you like to relax and have fun?

If that’s you, bring a dish and some fun to share!

Laughing with Jesus,

Pastor Mike