It may not be so much the what as it is the way that is greater…

As we continue our discussions on the greater purpose God has in store for our lives, I’m reminded that sometimes we can get caught up in the what. "What am I supposed to be doing with my life?” 

I don’t want to discount the what, because God calls people from being farmers to prophets, fishermen to disciples, business people to missionaries, and so on.

However, we also need to be open to the fact that God is calling us to a greater way

  • Greater devotion with God
  • Greater reliance upon God
  • Greater commitment to God
  • Greater resolve for God
  • Greater intention about God

Sometimes we get so caught up in the what we are to do with our lives that we get stuck, discouraged and go back to what is known, comfortable and familiar. However, other times when we focus more on the journey than the destination, a clear picture of what starts to take shape. So, the way leads to what.

One final warning: If we only focus on the what, we risk losing the way. If we focus on the way, we will certainly discover the what

Lasting life transformation begins with the greater way

May you be blessed as you intentionally pursue Jesus the Way, who leads to what of life abundant life and life eternal!

Blessings in Christ,
Pastor Mike