Let’s kick it up a notch…

How do you like your salsa - mild, medium or hot?
How do you like your coffee - light, medium, dark?

There’s a spectrum of life between comfortable routine and thrilling adventure.

Most people I know like the idea of spicing life up a bit every once in a while, but many times that spice comes from someone else’s life. We like adventure, but like it best when it is the person on TV or in the book. Living vicariously through them, we gain a little sense of the thrill of adventure.

But what if we stopped letting other people have all the fun? I’m not suggesting we live someone else’s life. But what if today we determined to be on a quest to see where God was at work in our lives and the lives around us? What if then we were daring enough to ask the question, “Where do you want me to join in what you are doing God?”

I know that’s a bold prayer. It means that if we hear an answer, sense a nudge in a certain direction, get a feeling in our gut (all ways the Holy Spirit can try to get our attention), then we have a choice whether or not to respond in faithful obedience.

But maybe that’s just it - we don’t move ahead, because we’re unsure whether or not it’s God calling us. If we knew it was God doing the directing, leading, pushing, pulling, then we’d step out and step up.

Faithful obedience is placing ourselves in positions where we can discern God’s vision for our lives. We need time alone with God, time with others who love God. We need to prayer and read the Bible to discover ways God has previously moved throughout history. That’s the first step in discovering God’s vision for our lives.

So, join me today in kicking it up a notch! If we invite the Holy Spirit into the life God’s given us to live, it can only become bolder, spicier, more flavorful, richer, fuller. Jesus didn’t come to make us safe. Jesus came to bring us life - abundant life! (John 10:10)