Field Trip with Jesus

That’s what some of the disciples experienced in Matthew 17:1-13, when Jesus led them up a high mountain by themselves. The best part of all was not just some alone time with Jesus, but that he was transfigured before them - they saw and heard Jesus in ways they had never seen and heard him before!

The same is true for you and I when we go on adventures that take us out of our regular place and pace of life. If we are willing to take a moment to look around during those times, we will see God moving and hear God speaking in ways we were not previously aware.

I’m not sure where your travels have taken you or will take you this summer. However, I do know that often when we are in a different place, going at a different pace, God catches our attention in a new way and it can become the recipe for the refreshment, renewal and revival of our soul. 

This was certainly true for those who went to Costa Rica this past week. We saw a different landscape than we were used to, had to move throughout the day in a different schedule than we were used to and met new people that aren’t normally in our daily pattern. Sometimes God spoke softly and other times quite loudly.

I look forward to this Sunday in worship as our team shares some of the impact God and the people of Costa Rica had on us as well as the opportunity to God’s work of transforming the lives of people in Costa Rica through Jesus Christ!

As you prepare for worship this Sunday, read Colossians 3:12-17 and consider how you are clothed for Christ on a daily basis. I look forward to worship together!

Blessings in Christ,
Pastor Mike