Conversations that connect

When was the last time you invited someone over for a little cook out and conversation?

This summer, I hope you take the opportunity to intentionally invite someone over that you’d like to get to know better, someone you think might need a word of encouragement or someone you just have fun hanging out with. 

During that time together, I hope you have the opportunity to enjoy conversation that goes beyond talking about the weather. Often all we know about people is what they positively present. The reverse is also true: Often all people know about us is what we positively present.

The reality is that most people find it easier to update Facebook to simulate the feeling of being around someone than carrying on a conversation. So, what if we’ve been lulled into substituting virtual life for real life relationships?

What about real friendships, the kind of friend you can talk to about the greatest thrills and the deepest hurts of life. Those kinds of relationships don’t just happen. They develop because of intentional effort. There’s a deep need within each of us to experience this kind of community with at least a couple people.

So, fire up the grill and invite some people over this summer. During worship over the next several weeks we'll consider how to have real conversations with real people who have real hurts and real hopes so that we can experience real life together!

As you prayerfully prepare for worship this weekend, read Mark 9:2-10 and consider whether you are having conversations that connect - conversations that are going deeper than the weather. 

I look forward to worship together this weekend!

Blessings in Christ,
Pastor Mike