Mission Day 2

All five floors have been removed from Mr. Cecil's kitchen. Yes, one flooring laid on top of each other for over 100 years! Using two railroad jacks we raised a section of the two story house over six inches and with the paint being laid on the outside things are looking good! We were surprised and excited when the neighbor on the other side of the duplex said for us to wait on lunch because they were bringing us all double cheeseburgers from McDonald's! 

The staining of the ramp at the church was completed today and 2/3 of the conduit wiring in the kitchen was completed as well. All the flower beds were weeded and decorations and miscellaneous items were packed up and stored. The church is especially excited for all the work that is being done because there is a wedding this Saturday.  As a sign off appreciation they are making us all a special lunch tomorrow!

Kids Club continues to be a fun and  energetic part of our afternoon! We pick up local children from around the community, play games, share God's word, do craft,  and enjoy the sounds of laughter! There is great vision for this abandoned church where this takes place! The woman at the well story has probably not been told quite like it was today in that church!