You just never know…

Dear New Life Friends,

You just never know…

It was one of those moments that doesn’t happen every day. And it was one of those conversations that doesn’t happen every day either!

I was standing in the lobby outside of the sanctuary following worship talking with people when a young woman came up to me to chat. I recognized her as someone who had regularly come for a season with a family she had been a caregiver for, but after college she moved to Pennsylvania. However, every now and then when she is in town for the weekend, she attends service and it always brings a smile to my heart when I see her. 

I told her how good it was to see her and she mentioned that she loves coming back here. Then she paused, and with tender emotion welling up said, “This is where I gave my life to Christ. It was because the family I was a caregiver for invited me to come.”

As a follower of Jesus, I was absolutely thrilled for her and what she was experiencing as a new follower. The entire world looks different through the lens of faith! I also could tell by the expression on her face that this was a deeply meaningful season of her life and she was looking for people to process it with.

As a pastor, I had three other thoughts all swirling around with that one:

  • Thought #1 - I wish I had known! I would have loved to have talked with you about next steps in your new relationship with Jesus! It can be hard to find your way in the beginning and there are some things I could help with to set a foundation.
  • Thought #2 - Wow! Thank you God! We strive every week to be involved in ministry that transforms people’s lives and this is so exciting to think that you are enabling us to be effective!
  • Thought #3 - You just never know. You just never know what people are processing in life and you just never know the power of a simple invitation.

Fall is one of those times when many people are ready to get back into routine and structure. Nationwide, it is one of three major times of the year when people are open and even actively searching for a place to explore and grow in faith. 

As we wrap up summer and look to the fall, why not take the opportunity to invite people to make regular worship attendance a positive experience they can have as they establish their new routine and rhythm for the fall.

After all, you just never know what people are processing in life and you just never know the power of a simple invitation. It may not be a big deal to you to ask, but it just might make a big difference to them!

Blessings in Christ,

Pastor Mike