You must be present to win...

Dear New Life Friends,

You must be present to win...

That’s right. All you’ve got to do is post a picture or comment about one of your most favorite hikes and you’ll be entered to win!

Sound fun? Here’s how to play.

On Wednesday our staff will post a video on Facebook our our VENTURE, when you see it,   simply post your favorite hike or picture of a hike in the comments.  It could be a hike in your own backyard, in another state, or even in a different country!

Not on Facebook? That’s fine, just send me a photo or a comment to, and I will make sure your name gets in the drawing by Friday the 24th. 

Just remember… you must be present to win…so join us in worship this Sunday, June 25th at 10 AM for your opportunity to win!

Why are we doing this? Because this week in worship we will venture from despair to hope.

Despair is a place most people have been at one time or another. Hope is a place all of us have longed for one time or another.

Whether you are experiencing despair or hope now or not, come join us as we learn about some of the tools that can help us or someone we know make the successful venture and transition from despair to hope.

Here’s hoping we can spread more hope!


Pastor Mike