Better than Christmas?

Dear New Life Friends,

Better than Christmas?

You could make the argument either way and probably be right.

Is Christmas more important than Easter? Or is Easter more important than Christmas?

Without Christmas we wouldn’t have Easter? But without Easter, Christmas wouldn’t make as much sense.

And on and on the argument could go.

Ultimately, Christmas and Easter are the two most significant holidays for Christians. That’s why we have an intentional season of preparation before each of them. That’s why we make such a big deal about them (beyond Santa and his reindeer & the Bunny and his eggs). That’s why if a person only came to those two services in the entire year, they would get the entirety of God’s essential message to humanity.

The reason Jesus came was to live, die and rise again. The reason for Christmas is Easter. Christmas only makes sense because of Easter.

Hopefully over the past few weeks you’ve been gaining a deeper and deeper appreciation of all God went through to communicate to you his extravagant love. The serving, the torture, the cross - all for you and for me for the forgiveness of sins.

And the Resurrection?! All to demonstrate and pass on the power over sin and death!

Whether you are here or there for Easter, I hope you will find a way to celebrate the Resurrection.

It’s not just another Sunday on the calendar. It’s not just the beginning or the end of spring break every year. It’s not just the day to end the fasting and get back to the indulging. 

It’s the Christian holiday we should anticipate perhaps more than any. It’s the day that makes every Sunday the rest of the year “a little Easter.” It’s the day in history that changed everything… forever!

Better than Christmas?

I don’t know that it’s worth the argument. Instead of fight for one or the other, I’ll gladly take both!

I can’t wait for Easter!

Pastor Mike