Are you getting ready yet?

Dear New Life Friends,

Are you getting ready yet?

It’s a question often asked in our house as we are getting ready to go out the door. Or it’s a question we ask when someone is coming over and we don’t want to make them wait when they arrive.

Are you getting ready yet?

One study I read says women spend 136 days of their lives getting ready to go out on a date. I know that’s sexist and I wish I had a statistic for the men, but at least the women take it seriously!

Are you ready for me to get to the point?

Getting ready for Christmas is important for all of us, but especially for the follower of Jesus. Those who are spiritually devoted need to make sure we don’t  get so caught up in all of the hustle and bustle of the holiday that we forget that what we are really getting ready for is a Holy Day.

How are you getting ready for Christmas?

There are so many opportunities around us to help our minds and hearts get wrapped around the real reason for the season. A few that our family and New Life Church have been a part of are:

  • Bethlehem Walk in Goochland
  • Nativity at the Richmond Zoo off of Hull Street
  • Grand Illumination in downtown Richmond

One of the things we are doing as a family to get ready for Christmas this year is going to see the movie The Star this Sunday with the church. If you’d like to join us and go with the group, you can register here for a group ticket -

So, what are you doing to get ready for Christmas?

I hope and pray you will take the time to be intentional in this season so that every time you see lights it reminds you of Jesus, who is light of the world; every time you see circular wreaths it reminds you that God is eternal; every time you see stars it reminds you of the sign God gave the wisemen in order to find his gift of salvation.

Getting your heart ready for Christmas will help this season be more meaningful as you spend your time getting physically ready. I believe all your efforts will be well worth it as it begins to turn a holiday into a Holy Day!

Blessings in Christ,

Pastor Mike