It’s a different kind of Birthday Party…

Dear New Life Friends,

It’s a different kind of Birthday Party…

I’ve always been impressed with those who choose to use their birthday to honor someone else.

Just when a person has all the spotlight on themselves and everyone around them would understand if they said “This day is all about me!” the person turns around and shines the spotlight on someone else.

I’ve heard of people using their birthday as an opportunity to:

  • collect coats for the coatless
  • collect toys for the toyless
  • make shoes for the shoeless
  • collect food for the hungry
  • sponsor medicine for the sick

All beautiful selfless acts. All creative ways to celebrate life by improving someone else’s life. All marvelous ways to leverage influence for the blessing of others. 

That’s why I’m so glad that New Life has chosen to celebrate its 20th Birthday in a fashion that’s true to its core values. This church was started 20 years ago this Fall in order to reach people far from God and do so by putting faith into practice.

So, in order to appropriately celebrate 20 years of serving our community, guess what New Life is going to do? SERVE!

That’s right - on Saturday, November 11 we’ll serve all day long together and Sunday, November 12 at 10am we’ll celebrate all morning long together.

I can’t think of a better way to celebrate the lives God has transformed through the past 20 years than intentionally seeking to make a difference in people’s lives by serving them - using our lives to offer life - offering new life in honor of God who has given us New Life and new life in Christ!

Often when you go to a birthday party, you carry a gift with you. So, go ahead and put your serve on and let’s celebrate together!

Blessed to serve together,

Pastor Mike