We may never arrive…

Dear New Life Friends,

We may never arrive… 

That phrase both haunts and encourages me. 

I’m learning to live with the reality of it.

It haunts me that I may never 

  • finish responding to email or consistently keep the inbox empty
  • finish cleaning out my closet, office, garage and all the other home projects
  • be able to read all the books and articles that interest me
  • be as healthy as I want to be
  • be able to completely communicate to my wife how amazing she is
  • finish helping my kids become responsible, interdependent, Jesus loving people
  • fully develop the character of Christ (this side of heaven)

We may never arrive.

I’m learning to live with the reality of it.

Process or completion. Journey or finish. 

Can you have the second without the first? Do we unfairly undervalue the first to give priority to the second? 

What if both are equally important? What if life is more about the first than the second? 

If we are waiting to finish it all before we rest, we will run through life and miss most of it.

If we are waiting until we complete something before we have satisfaction, we’ll spend most of our time discouraged.

If we are waiting until we have it all together before offering wisdom or insight to someone, what we do know will be lost.

If we are waiting until we know more about God before sharing with someone about God, we will come to the end of life and never have shared about the best part of our lives.

We may never arrive…

I’m learning to live with the reality of it.

It’s starting not to haunt me as much and I’m actually starting to be encouraged by it.

I’m starting to enjoy the process and the journey of life.

So, here’s to living and not to waiting.

May you enjoy the rich blessings of living the full life,

Pastor Mike