Peace, joy, and calm…

That’s what I experienced the last time I attended our Night of Worship.

It had been a full day and I remember I felt like I had run from one thing to the next and was more than ready for the weekend. I admit that I didn’t really want to go, but afterwards, I was so thankful I had gone.

Night of Worship is heavy on the music and lighter on the spoken message. You can sit and reflect or stand and sing. You can find a spot by yourself or buddy up next to a friend. It’s simply time offered for God to refresh and renew your soul.

Sometimes what we need most is simply courage to take ourselves out of the grind of life for a few moments instead of trying to keep on going. Internally there can be a struggle between the peace and calm we long for on one hand and the need to perform and get things done on the other hand. In the end, what we really need is the strength not to give into the outward demands and purposefully place ourselves in one of the many channels of God’s blessings. 

If life feels like it’s swirling around and you can’t seem to hear God or sense God clearly, perhaps you need to find a way to be in a place where you can “be still and know that God is God” (Psalm 46:10). Night of Worship is that kind of place.

If you are looking for peace, joy and calm in this changing season of life, make plans now to come to Night of Worship next Friday, September 23. I say make plans now, because when next Friday rolls around most of us will have lots of reasons not to go. But if you know now that you need something like this, then make plans now and stick to them.

Most often I find, that if I make the effort to insert myself into places where the stream of God’s grace is flowing, I experience blessing. But I don’t want to keep it all to myself, so I’m inviting you and anyone else you want to invite who might be interested in a little peace, joy, calm and blessing!

Also, as you prayerfully prepare for worship this weekend, read John 14:6-14 and ask God what his vision is for your life. As we begin a new series this Sunday, I think we’ll discover that it’s far greater than we could hope or imagine! 

Pastor Mike