Burnt Chex Mix

As far as tragedies go, it's a small one. However, I think it illustrates an important principle.

First the story...

I was cooking the Christmas family favorite in the same way I do each year, yet it wasn't coming out the way it usually does. I normally stir it every 15 minutes, but it was cooking faster and even burning even after I stirred for the second time.

I thought through the variable to figure out what was going wrong - dark pan? too much Worcestershire sauce? put the wheat Chex in before the Corn or Rice Chex? different oven?

I decided to cut back the time for the last stirring and even cut back the temperature. It still came out charred. Sigh. Then it came to me - I cooked it at 350 degrees instead of 250 degrees!

The result may be tolerable for low standard Chex Mix addicts such as myself, but I'd be embarrassed to serve it to anyone else, let alone pass it along as a gift. It just doesn't live up to the Maxwell Standard of the greatest holiday snacks.

Two batches lost, but I resigned myself to just start again with fresh ingredients and hope for a better result.

That's what I get for only using the stove once a year :)

All this reminds me that there are some who have had a burnt Chex Mix experience with church. Each time they think about it, it leaves a bad taste in their mouths. They haven't had the chance to taste the awesomeness of the holiday favorite. Further, because of that bad experience, they are hesitant to ever try it again and easily pass by it on the spread of treats.

My prayer for this Christmas is, whether it's you or someone you know, that someone would come to one of our services over the next several weeks and "taste again and see that the Lord is good."

Whether it's...

  • Christmas Eve at 4pm for our Family Friendly Service
  • Christmas Eve at 7pm for our Candlelight Service
  • Christmas Day service at 10:45am for our Birthday Party for Jesus
  • New Year's Day service at 10:45am to begin the year right

... there's a chance that since the last time church was "tried," life has delivered some fresh ingredients that will make this experience completely different and turn out so much better.

I can think of no better way to end the year or start a new year the true awesome of these holy days! I look forward to seeing you and your friends in worship!

Blessings in Christ,
Pastor Mike