This is awesome! This is awesome! This is awesome!

That's what she said when she opened the computer and started searching the web.

It's a story of people coming together to be a blessing.
It's a story of a person knowing her church family cares.
It's a story of a person's attention being redirected from pain to hope.

One person offered the computer.
One person set up the computer.
One person provided the carry case.
One person got to deliver it.
Many people blessed by the giving.

It illustrates what I heard today on a podcast I was listening to by Pastor Levi Lusko - "It's giving, not keeping that leads to receiving."

Counterintuitive but true.

Yet as each person played a role, the blessing of heaven was poured out on not on one, but many of God's precious sons and daughters. 

I'll never forget the change in expression on her face from despair to like a child at Christmas. Nor will I forget the change in tone of her voice from discouragement to amazement and deep appreciation.

I love being a part of a church like this. You all bless me by your generosity. Thanks for being willing to transform lives through Jesus Christ by giving to God all that you have and all that you are!

Blessings in Christ,
Pastor Mike