It’s been a question that has haunted me for years

I’ve read it in books. I’ve heard it on podcasts. I’ve felt it’s punch it from speakers at conferences. I’ve wrestled with it in personal prayer. I’ve asked it of our church leaders.

Would people notice if your church closed it’s doors?

Haunting, disturbing and unsettling. 

Yet... inspiring, encouraging and motivating.

Whether your answer for New Life would be yes or no, I pray that it stokes a fire within us to reclaim our mission: Transform Lives Through Jesus Christ.

That’s why our church exists. It’s our reason for being. Our mandate. It’s our driving purpose for how we organize, how we create ministry opportunities, how we deploy people and how we distribute financial resources. If it doesn’t transform lives through Jesus Christ, we don’t need to do it.

This week begins a worship series which shares God’s 20/20 vision for the year 2020. Following a series on God’s vision for each of us, we turn now to a series on God’s vision for his church. 

There is a misperception of the local church that we want something from our community. However, the reputation of the local church in the community should be that we are the most generous, compassionate and selfless people you’ll ever met. We want our community to be glad we are in their neighborhood! 

That’s part of why we are doing the Big Serve (more information here - We want to invite guests to join us in doing something together for our community, region, and world. In the end, their lives and our lives become transformed through Jesus Christ.

Would people notice if New Life closed it’s doors?

I believe people would notice and I’ll give everything I’ve got to make sure people experience the transforming impact of New Life going forward.

Without a doubt, my life has been transformed through Jesus Christ because of the ministry of New Life and I want as many people as possible to experience the same new life in Christ. 

How about you?

Blessings in Christ,
Pastor Mike