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Join Us As We Explore The Book Of Ephesians. Bring a lawn chair, blanket, bug spray and whatever else you might need. All ages welcome! Children can play in the grass as we explore Ephesians. This is a casual study - bring your bible, have fun and enjoy your time at New Life on the lawn.

Thursdays 6/20 - 8/29 645-8 pm

We will not be meeting if it rains, July 4th or August 8th.

Need a ride? Contact to arrange transportation

To those seeking to follow Jesus,

It’s our prayer that diving deeper into the book of Ephesians over these past several weeks has enabled you to soak up all the blessings of being one who is “in Christ”. There are many, and they are completely life reorienting! New life is what God is offering in Christ. The question now is... What will you do with all the benefits of this new life?

One path is to reject them, refuse them or dismiss them. Another path is to ignore them, overlook them or forget them. Perhaps the best path forward is to absorb them and cling to them in such a way that you can’t help but remember them, share them and live them out.

That’s exactly what Paul suggests in the final three chapters of his letter - Live out this new life in Christ! When a person truly experiences the love we’ve been longing for, the grace, mercy and forgiveness we so desperately need, and the hope, purpose and power beyond our imagination, that person can’t help but live life differently than before.

The old life was so self-centered, self-absorbed, and self-reliant. That life only leads to emptiness, brokenness, loneliness and longing. The new life is so God-centered, selflessly other focused, and divinely empowered. That faith- filled new life leads to contentment, fulfillment and generosity.

Are you experiencing the new life?

Part of the answer comes in the first three chapters of Ephesians by accepting all the blessings God desires to pour into your life. The second part of that answer comes in the last three chapters by putting the new faith life into practice every day, in every way, in every place.

So, are you living the new life?

New life in Christ is what we were created for, so let’s learn how to live it together!

Your Partners in the Journey,

Pastor Mike & the Adult Discipleship Team

Download the Journal 2 for Ephesians Outdoor Bible Study