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Join Us As We Explore The Book Of Ephesians. Bring a lawn chair, blanket, bug spray and whatever else you might need. All ages welcome! Children can play in the grass as we explore Ephesians. This is a casual study - bring your bible, have fun and enjoy your time at New Life on the lawn.

Thursdays 6/20 - 8/29 645-8 pm

We will not be meeting if it rains, July 4th or August 8th.

Need a ride? Contact to arrange transportation

As we study the book of Ephesians together, we will learn that in Christ, believers have been showered with God’s kindness, chosen for greatness, marked with the Holy Spirit, filled with power, freed from bondage and brought near to God!

We’re excited about your participation in this adventure as we journey together through the summer! If you have not yet decided to enter a relationship with Christ, we pray that the exploration of this particular book of the Bible will awaken a strong desire within you to experience the new life God offers in Christ.

Even if you have walked with Jesus for some time now and are already familiar with the book of Ephesians, we believe that if you will set aside time to earnestly seek to understand and soak up the benefits of being in Christ, God can refresh, renew and revive your soul!

There are three ways to engage: weekly worship, weekly discussion group and daily individual study.

Regardless of where you are currently with Jesus, this booklet is designed as a spiritual tool for individual study to help each of us grow to the next level. The individual study passages correlate with the passages that will be covered in worship and discussed in the group that meets each Thursday evening.

One way to soak up scripture is to read the same passage over and over each day. We invite you to join us in this practice. In the beginning you may question it, but by the end of the week if you intentionally attend to the practice, you will find that God can use the same passage to speak to us in several different ways!

There are also opportunities to memorize verses, journal, pray and use additional resources. Each of these is offered to encourage us to dive deeper. That way, each of us determines how deep we will go. We encourage you to stretch yourself beyond what feels familiar or comfortable to see if it opens up fresh experiences with God and the new life offered in Christ.

It is our prayer that by the end of the summer, not only will we have a thorough understanding and appreciation of Paul’s letter to the church in Ephesus, but that we will have more fully soaked up the blessings of God and more eagerly long to live out the new life.

Summer isn’t a time to “take off” from God, it’s a time to intentionally soak it up! As we journey together, may we all experience the extravagant goodness of our marvelous God!

Blessings in Christ,

Pastor Mike & Adult Discipleship Team

Download the Journal for Ephesians Outdoor Bible Study