McDowell Christmas Shoe Boxes

McDowell County, West Virginia is one of the poorest counties in the United States.  It was severally crippled after the decline of the coal industry, stating a cycle of generational poverty and dependence on government assistance to survive.  K.B. Ministries has been working in this area to try help those in need.  The year, New Life will once again collect Christmas Shoe Boes for McDowell County  Complete instructions can be found inside the shoe boxes.  These boxes will be handed out to the adults in the area during a Christmas dinner.  Please consider adding $3 to each box you sponsor  If you have any questions, please contact

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Christmas Cards Sunday Nov 18

This Sunday, Cosima, a graduate of our New Life Open Table, will be sharing with us how pivotal circumstances have changed her life as part of our 5 Things series. After she aged out of foster care at 21, she needed support and help. Over the next year, her table from New Life helped her achieve great things and meet many goals. At the end of her year in OpenTable, she sent out thank you cards to all who helped her. One of these people was Jon Katov. He loved the painting Cosima painted on the front of the thank you card and commissioned her to do a piece for him which she entitled “Gratitude”. Since then, Open Table has helped her start an art business. She is the first graduate of Open Table to start a business with the help and support of her table.

She is selling holiday cards, packs of 10 for $20. They include five cards of each painting. “A Snowy Winter in Heaven” and “He is Born”. They will be available on Sunday for purchase.


After walking past a church in Richmond, VA, I was inspired to paint "A Snowy Winter in Heaven”. Every year, during the cold winter months, the church hangs knitted scarves and hats on the fence for those less fortunate to take and use for warmth. This kindness puts a smile on my face every year around the Holiday season. It reminds me to be grateful for the warmth that I have and to share it with others by letting the love of Christ shine through my heart.

Happy Holidays,

C. Gibbs (December 2018)

(statement on back of card “A Snowy Winter in Heaven” )


"After the men had heard the king, they left to go to Bethlehem. They could see the same star that they had seen before. They were very happy when they saw the star. It moved along in front of them. Then it stopped above the place where the child was staying."

Mathew 2:9-10 EASY

(Verse on back of card “He is Born”)