Join us on a Seven Mile Journey to Easter!

Here’s how it works…

Ever week you attempt the spiritual discipline/exercise click “LOG YOUR MILES” on the right side of the page and select the week that you walked. 

  • Week 1 (Week of February 11) - Confession
  • Week 2 (Week of February 18) - Worship
  • Week 3 (Week of February 25) - Service
  • Week 4 (Week of March 4) - Prayer
  • Week 5 (Week of March 11) - Fasting
  • Week 6 (Week of March 18) - Study
  • Week 7 (Week of March 25) - Christian Conversation


Here’s what we’re hoping...

Hopefully by the time we arrive at Easter on April 1, you will have “walked” seven miles! The more people you invite to join us on this journey, the more miles we’ll accomplish together!


Here’s why we’re doing it...

If you have ever felt stuck in your relationship with God or frustrated by life’s setbacks, we invite you to join us on a spiritual journey where we explore the materials written by Pastor Steven Furtick of Elevation Church called Seven-Mile Miracle. Jesus faced what could have been the ultimate defeat on the cross, yet he emerged triumphant through his relationship with his heavenly Father and showed us the way so that we could do the same. 

By examining the seven last sayings of Jesus while he was on the cross and engaging in a different spiritual discipline/exercise, we hope to be able to see God more clearly, just as the followers of Jesus did in Luke 24. So, essentially we want to journey into the presence of God!


Here’s how the story goes…

After Jesus had died, some of his followers heard stories of how Jesus had risen from the grave. They were discussing this on a seven mile journey from Jerusalem to Emmaus when a “stranger” joined them and walked with them. It was at the end of the journey that their eyes were opened and they realized Jesus has been with them the entire time!

As a way to engage in the spiritual seven mile journey, we invite you to practice a different spiritual discipline or exercise each week. Hopefully you can have the same experience as those early disciples!


Here’s what you can do…

We can’t wait to see how many miles we can all walk together!

More importantly, as we walk these miles together, we can’t wait to hear the stories of how you've experienced the miracle of seeing Jesus in new and fresh ways!


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