2020 Half Time Update


      Worship Leader Victor Neal - moved from part-time to full-time

·         Increased number of volunteers participating in Tech Booth and Music Team ministries

          ·         Leadership development through quarterly Vision Nights

·         Active role in helping oversee sanctuary updates

·         Primarily responsible for oversight of creative design elements and logistics of worship

·         Marketing Team Representative - Sunday morning graphics, etc.

Anticipated in the second half:

·         Improvements in streaming

·         Platform cleanup

·         Creative process

      Connections Director Isabelle Sullivan - moved from part-time to full-time

·         Our focus is on young families in our area making sure we are making strong connections with those who are already at New Life, but perhaps not part of the church such as intentionally inviting our Preschoolers, Cub Scouts and MOPs.

·         Put on high-quality events for people to invite their friends to outdoor concert, balloon festival, movie night and water day.

·         Went into the community - Midlothian Day Parade

Anticipated in the second half:

·        Big plans to go into the community, help at schools, races and football games to let them know we are not only here for them, but want to serve them

·         Continue to work on tightening up our connection process once people are here so there is an easier flow into Life Groups and mission opportunities

      Family Ministry Director Ashley Pride - new part-time position

·         Kicked up the kid’s worship space with movie posters, prayer corner, lights, etc.

·         Added consistent dedicated volunteers in place who are invested in kids

·         Enabled break-out in age appropriate groups to be more relevant

·         Kids learning great stuff like the books of the Bible song

Anticipated in the second half:

·         Summer Wrap-up and Back to School Event

·         Jingle Jam Kid’s Christmas Experience

·         Quarterly Family Worship Opportunities

      Digital Marketing Specialist Erinn Berge

·        Project Manages back end projects and maintains branding consistency across website and social media platforms. 

·        Developed content for social platforms relevant to sermon series or events that engages people and attracts more traffic.

·        Developed a digital strategy that connects  email, website and social platforms.

Anticipated in the second half:

·       Add Search engine optimization, video and print into the overall  strategy to consistently brand and engage the various channels. 

·       Develop a series and possible campaign around the personalities of the church leaders via blogs or vlogs.

·       Promote the culture of New Life Church via Ad campaigns, attracting those in need, wanting to feel closer to God or be connected to the church/community to make a difference.


·         To date paid $112,075 of principal payments

·         $93,222.79 of interest has been saved which is 19 monthly mortgage payments eliminated

Anticipated in the second half:  

·         Receive an additional $97,800 towards debit reduction

·         Save an additional $64,160 in interest

·         Eliminate two more years off the mortgage

·         Total savings of interest and payments will be $435,480 that can be used for meaningful ministries!!!


Sanctuary Updates

·         Painted the entire sanctuary, moving the screen and projector. 

·         Added light bars, lights and a controller

·         Built tech booth

Anticipated in the second half:

·         Enhancing our streaming equipment and capabilities

·         Cleaning up our platform with in-floor cabling

·         Improving our electrical capacity


·         Digital Marketing Specialist and Connection Director set up a regular social media presence

·         Updated website

·         Created a new look and feel to our newsletter

·         Maintains consistent branding throughout digital platforms

·         Consistently promotes activities,events and culture at New Life Church.

Anticipated in the second half:

·         Develop blogs on the website that are SEO optimized

·         Develop vlogs for Youtube that are relevant to the sermon series and practical to followers.

·         Initiate a space for announcements on the website

·         Promote culture via ad campaigns, videos and images

Ministry Initiatives

·         “Come and see events” such as an Outdoor Concert and Balloon Festival.

·         “Go to” events such as Midlothian Day Parade and July 4th Race in Brandermill

Anticipated in the second half

·         Press hard to continue to connect the community to the church and the church to the community. 

·         Launch Amped Camp for young children

·         Connect with local high schools during their games